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ICSS COLLEGE established by Radhaswami Education Trust with a vision of creating high requirement technological, allied technical professional & Legal professional is to meet the present need of the society. Science & Technology always play a vital role in shaping a nation. ICSS COLLEGE a premier institute has been established to equip the future generation with the latest skills and knowledge of Science, Technology & Legal Education and to train them as brilliant technocrats. Our quest for excellence over the years has enabled us to build the state of the art in Technological & Legal excellence with the latest infrastructural & technological skills. Our staff continually strive to update themselves to keep up with the ever changing technological scenario, & to help the students to gain a sense of their own worth and emerge in the world as composite technological personalities of rare distinction. I sincerely wish the young minds would grow luxuriantly in our campus, share our vision and fulfil their dreams of ICSS COLLEGE.