How can I delete my Delivery report

In delivery report, click on the SMS text, and a dialogue box will open up. In the bottom of the dialogue box you will see the option to delete the delivery report.

Where can I view my scheduled SMS delivery report?

You can check it in delivery reports section by clicking on the scheduled option.

Why delivery report is showing SMS in SENT status?

When you send SMS from our panel, we submit those SMS to operator. Operator instantly sends that on your uploaded numbers(Airtel,Idea,BSNL) and we show status as SENT in delivery report (that means your SMS has been sent from our side and waiting for acknowledgment)

And when we receives acknowledgment from your operator, we will be able to update the status as DELIVERED or FAILED in delivery report.

If there is any network issue then we try to deliver those SMS for more than four time up-to 4 hours (if mobile is out of network till 4 hours then its shows expired/Failed status in delivery report)

Can I export the delivery report file of one whole day?

Yes, you can export the report of one full day.

  1. Go to the Delivery Reportsection under left menu.
  2. Click on the Executive Summary
  3. Select the Campaign name/Route/Date of which you want the delivery reports to be exported
  4. Click on “GO”.
  5. If you see your desired report, you can click on “Export”

What details will I get on exporting a report file?

On exporting a file you will get a detailed status which will define if your message has been delivered or queued, with the count of SMS that you sent in that particular campaign.

What is a request id and where can I get it?

A request ID is a 24 character Alpha-numeric ID. It is unique for every campaign, hence it helps us to get the full report of the SMS submitted by the user.

You can find the request ID of any specific message in the delivery report section by the name of request. A typical request ID looks like, 558255015263edec108b4594

In how much time credits are refunded if I cancel a scheduled message?

In such cases, your credits will be refunded instantly.

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