What is Auth Key? How can I get my SMS Panel Authentication Key?

Authentication Key is a 24 characters unique key for an account which is required while sending messages through API. It specifies the account through which the SMS is sent.

  1. Select theAPI option from the bottom left corner
  2. Click on the key option in the top right corner
  3. Select the Generate option from the window that pops up next.

How can I integrate your API in my software?

Yes, you can integrate the API’s provided by our panel by following the steps mentioned below:

1.You can get to the API Documentation:

  1. You can look for the basic Text SMS API:
  2. You can fill in the parameters to get the API:
  3. You can also refer to the Sample Codes if you require to see how you can code:

Where can I get codes in different languages for integrating API?

You can get the code for the language of your choice in the “sample codes” option available in the developer’s tools of our API section.

Where can I get the API to be integrated?

You can click on the API in the bottom left of the panel and go to Text SMS. There you can Generate your API.

How can I check my delivery reports through API?

In order to check delivery reports through API, you need to:

  1. Go to theWebhooks tab under Delivery Reports from left menu.
  2. Enter the URL on which you want to get the report details and save it.

How to use FLASH and UNICODE in API?

You need to add parameter “”flash=1” if you want to send a flash SMS. If you want to send Unicode SMS, you need to add the parameter “unicode=1”.

Do I need to regenerate the authentication key repeatedly while logging in the panel?

No, you just need to generate the key once.

How to send + sign in SMS using API?

If you are using API and need to send “+” sign in the content, you need to double encode the message content.

You can double encode your message content in the following manner:


$message = “YOUR+++MESSAGE+++++WITH++++ PLUS++++SIGN”;
$message = urlencode($message);
$message = urlencode($message);

//now the message is double encoded

//send this message


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