You can also find the reasons of all the error code below:

001 Unable To Connect Database
002 Unable To Select Database
101 Missing Mobile No.
102 Missing Message
104 Missing Username
105 Missing Password
201 Invalid Username or Password
202 Invalid Mobile Number
203 Invalid Sender Id
207 Invalid Authentication Key
208 IP is blacklisted
209 Default route not found
210 Route could not be determined. Please contact support
301 Not Have Sufficient Balance to Send Sms
302 Expired User Account
303 Banned User Account
306 This route is currently unavailable
307 Schedule time is Incorrect
308 Campaign name cannot greater than 32 characters
309 Selected group(s) may not belongs to you
310 SMS is too long. System pause this request automatically.
418 IP Address is blocked
506 Internal error,please contact your account manager
601 Internal error,please contact your account manager
602 Your Current Route is disabled,Kindly Select another Route
603 This Sender ID is blacklisted, Please Use a different Sender ID
604 Please Enter Atleast One Correct Number To Send SMS
606 Scheduled Date Cannot Be More than Three Weeks
607 Please Enter Campaign Name
608 Scheduled SMS Cannot Be Less Than Current Time
609 End Time Cannot Be Less Than Or Equal To Schedule Time
610 Duration can not be set to be zero
614 No voice file found Please enter voice file and proceed
615 Invalid file Type,Allow Extension are wav,wave,mp3,wma,ra,m4a,arm
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