We are one of the leading Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider of Bhubaneswar. Promotional Bulk SMS Service will Help You To Promote Your Business through promotional Bulk SMS In Your Targeted City Or State To Generate Business Leads or To Be In Contact With Your Clients to establish a continuous relation.

  SMS Type 

 Credit Slab

 SMS Rate



 1,000   14 Paisa

 One Year


 5,000 – 1,00,000   14 Paisa

 One Year


Marketing or Promotional Route :

Here you can send any type of msgs without any approval but only to nonDND numbers.

  • Delivery : – Only Non-DND Numbers.
  • Sender ID : – Yes. ( Unlimited )
  • Sender ID Should Contain 6 Pure Alphabets Only.
  • Delivery:- 100% to genuine numbers
  • SMS Sending Time:- 9 Am To 9 Pm.
  • API Available :- Yes
  • No Documents Required For Service Activation.
  • No Restrictions On SMS Matters.

Features & Usage:

  • You can directly communicate with your customers.
  • Send booking confirmation details directly.
  • Promote or Market your available packages directly to the customers & generate profit.
  • Min package 1000 sms
  • You can send msgs in Bulk quantity .
  • Create groups or can send msgs by using Excel sheet formats.
  • Send any Information msgs , confirmation msgs on bookings etc.
  • You can also approved your fixed msgs to send msgs to DND numbers also.
  • You can also send msgs with your company name as a Sender Id.

Organizations using this Service:

This Will Help You To Give Them Updates About Your Company products and Services ,New Offers , Greetings Etc. This SMS mostly Used By Schools, Colleges, Real Estate, Banks, Hospitals, Information Technology Companies, Financial Services, Consumer Services, Real Estate Services, Small and Medium Scale Industries, Foundations, Recharge Companies, Retail Shops,Training and Coaching Institutes, Social and Business Networking Groups, Human Resource Services, Wholesale and Retail Stores, Clubs and Organizations, Hotels and Resorts, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Logistics, Online Businesses, Marketing Agencies, Advertising and Distribution Agencies, etc.

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