How to choose Bulk SMS sender ID?

You may create any Sender ID for the transactional route, provided the Sender ID should be of 6 alpha characters only.

What is an Opt-Out SMS? How can I stop Opt-Out SMS

Opt-Out SMS is an additional SMS sent to the receiver, notifying the receiver of their right to stop receiving SMS from unwanted sender IDs.It is sent in every 3 months for a particular Sender ID.

How to stop this: Provide a signed documentation on your letter head to or , stating that “There will be no complain from any of my client and I will be the solely responsible in case a complaint is filed. Also I’ll pay fine of 25,000 to 2.5 lakhs Rupees in case I’m unable to provide proper registration details.”

What is sender id?

Sender ID defines the sender (your identity) and the intent (purpose) of the message. SENDER ID serves like the subject line of a mail. It’s a 6 character Numeric(in case of Promotional SMS) or Alphabetical(in case of Transactional SMS) ID which is shown as the sender of the SMS.

How many contacts can I import/upload at once?

You can import any number of contacts in one go provided the file size should be limited to 32MB.

What is an optout sms? Why you sent OPTOUT if I am using transactional SMS?

Opt-out SMS is a precautionary step taken, just to ensure that the receiver of the SMS has no problem while receiving it from your Sender ID. This SMS will be sent every 3 months as per TRAI norms.

What is the reason behind a failed message?

There can be different reasons for failing of an SMS such as exception time out, message inbox full or if the number is out of reach.

These are the basic reasons for the failure of SMS:

  1. Blacklist – Number is in blacklist due to some illegal cases.
    2. Blocked – User don’t want to receive message from particular sender id.
    3. EXP Abssubs – Subscriber is not available at that time.
    4. EXP Memexcd – Inbox memory is full or exceeded.
    5. EXP Smstmout – SMS timeout after all retry.
    6. EXP Nwfail – Network failed.
    7. Failed – When the number is not reachable or out of coverage than after all retry we get failed report.
    8. Rejected by Provider – The SMS were rejected by the provider due to the Promotional content through Transactional Route.

Will my messages get delivered on DND numbers too?

Messages will get delivered on DND numbers only if they are sent via transactional route.

What is the difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS/route?

Transactional Promotional
1.    Transactional SMS can be sent any time 1.    Promotional SMS are aent only between 9am to 9pm
2.    SMS can be sent to DND numbers through Transactional Route 2.    SMS cannot be sent to DND numbers through Promotional Route
3.    Sender ID is dynamic 6 alphabetic character 3.    Sender ID is fixed 6 Numeric character

How to change the route?

You can click on your currently selected route to get the option of changing the route. Then by selecting the alternative route you will be able to change the route.

How can I check my Balance?

How can I Check my Balance?

Login to the panel with your valid ID and password. In the send SMS section, look at the top bar and you’ll be able to see the current number of SMS credits available in your account.

What does “Credit deducted” means?

Credits are the number of SMS you currently have in your account. When you send an SMS, your credits get deducted accordingly. Therefore, credit deduction refers to the number of credits deducted from your balance for sending the message.

Why am I getting error code? How can I see what does this error code means?

You can see the reason why your SMS were failed, and you got the error code by clicking on that particular error code.

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