Web User Interface

A user-friendly easy to use user interface to use and manage our messaging application. No experience required to manage the panel. Send SMS like 1 2 3.


Add individual contacts or export excel file to make groups in a very simplified manner

Sender ID

Send messages with six letter sender id using your company/brand/product name as Sender ID.

SMS Template

Save your message as draft/template for use while messaging

Campaign Name

This allows you to add campaign name to identify your campaign so that you can manage multiple campaign at a time from one account.

DND lookup

Automatic process will take care of the DND numbers in case of promotion campaign in the application and optimize your SMS to filter DND numbers and there will be no deduction of credit deduction.

Delivery and Reporting

Clear and detailed reports with graphical presentation in real time for all your messaging and activities


Make the message in your own language using Unicode messaging facility

Android Application

Download the android application us the same facility using your smart phone.

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate our SMS platform with your application through handy developer APIs.

Excel Plug-in

Use our excel plug-in to send messages via excel

Organizations using this Service:

This Will Help You To Give Them Updates About Your Company products and Services ,New Offers , Greetings Etc. This SMS mostly Used By Schools, Colleges, Real Estate, Banks, Hospitals, Information Technology Companies, Financial Services, Consumer Services, Real Estate Services, Small and Medium Scale Industries, Foundations, Recharge Companies, Retail Shops,Training and Coaching Institutes, Social and Business Networking Groups, Human Resource Services, Wholesale and Retail Stores, Clubs and Organizations, Hotels and Resorts, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Logistics, Online Businesses, Marketing Agencies, Advertising and Distribution Agencies, etc.

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Existing Customer can login and New Customer can Sign Up.

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